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Sweet pepper powder is one of the only two spices of the paella with the saffron. All the other ones are unnecessary…
– No mixing : 100% sweet pepper fro m Spain
– An incomparable flavor to your dish !
– Family business from Alicante to Valencia
– Sold in a hermetic box
– Direct delivery from Valencia within 3-5 days
– Satisfied or refunded within 7 days
– Benefit from prices of producers from Valencia
– 100% secure payment : CB, Visa, Mastercard and Paypal

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Tips for using sweet pepper

It is better to add it a few seconds before your broth just as it is done with sweet pepper.

  • Never cook it more than a minute or two.
  • Avoid pouring it directly into boiling oil.
  • Always brown it over a low heat. Most often in your tomato based sauce and once this one has well reduced… Or on your meat or/and fish, before gently mixing everything a few short minutes.

It must not be overcooked and even less burned. This avoids for the sugar that it contains to caramelize, because it will give then an unpleasant taste to your paella


Find out more on sweet pepper

Pimenton le piment doux en assietteIn order to know everything about sweet pepper: advices for use, paella recipes to use it. Read our special page on this spice…

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With red peppers from Valencia, Murcia or Andalucia.


100% red pepper powder.


In a glass bottle with a hermetic operculum, to ensure the greater flavour preservation. thanks to its small size, it can easily be stored.

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